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Change Palette

Use this form to determine what happens when the palette of the selected entities changes. This form is accessed from the Edit Entities - Change Palette tool.

Change Palettes

Palette group

From the drop-down list choose the group from which the new palette can be selected.

New Palette

From the drop-down list choose the palette to change the selected entities to.

Use current palette

If checked, the selected entities will be changed to the current palette of the drawing layer. This will also cause the Palette group and New palette drop-down lists to be disabled.

De-select after change

Determines if the entities are to remain selected when you press OK.

Rebridge entities

If this option is switched on then the selected entities will be bridged using the settings of the new palette. Otherwise the bridges will be unchanged.

Recurse into sub-blocks

If checked all entities within any selected blocks will change to the new palette.

Clear secondary palettes

If this option is switched on Impact will remove any secondary palettes which may be present on the selected entities. If you change the palette using the Entity Inspector, they are cleared automatically.

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