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Copy to Other Drawing Layer

Edit - Copy to Other Drawing Layer

This form is called from the Edit - Copy to Other Layer tool.


From the drop-down list of all the layers in the current drawing, choose the layer to which the selected entities should be copied.

Move Entities

If you select this option then the entities will be deleted from the current layer.

Leave Layers as Layers

If the selected entities contain layer insert entities then switching this option on will cause them to remain as layer insert entities in the layer to which they are copied. Otherwise they will be converted to block insertion entities.

Copy only visible entities in sub-blocks

If this option is switched on then the current visibility settings will be used when copying entities within sub-blocks. This means that sub-block entities whose visibility is off will not be copied. If the option is switched off then all sub-block entities will be copied regardless of their visibility.


Press this button to copy or move the selected entities.


Press this button to cancel the tool without copying any entities.

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