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Export 3D Form

The Export 3D tool is used to export 3D geometry from Impact in a number of different formats.

Export 3D


The available options depends on the chosen file format.

Export Textures

Switch this option on to export any textures that are associated with the materials. These will be created in files that are stored in the same folder as the exported drawing.

Embed Textures

If you are exporting textures then you can switch this option on to embed the texture with the drawing, rather than link it to the image. This option is only available for VRML2 and Impact3D Interchange format.

Compress exported file

Switch this option on to export the file in a compressed (zipped) format. This option is only available for VRML2 format.

Export to archive

Use this option to override the MTS option. When enabled all of the output will be sent to a single zipped file. This option is not available for all formats.

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