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Import 3D Form

The 3D Import Tool is used to import geometry from a number of file formats into Impact.

Import 3D - Select a file

You can use the left-hand panel to navigate to the location of the required file, or use the normal Search facility. You can also limit the displayed files by selecting a specific file format from the drop-down list.

Once you have identified a file you can see a preview of it by pressing the Details button.

When you have the desired file, press the Open button, which opens the following form.

Import 3D

Choose the required Master Tool Setting from the left-hand panel.


Select the required radio button. (If there are no existing projects these buttons will be disabled and Create new project will be automatically selected.)

  • Import to existing project and layer
  • Create new layer
  • Create new project


These options will only be available if you are importing a file format supported by the 3DX library.

Centre objects at the origin

Switch this option on to centre all imported objects at the origin.

Import object hierarchy

Switch this option on to retain the object hierarchy structure from the imported file. If you switch it off then it will be collapsed back into a single object.

Group objects together

Switch this option on to group imported objects together.

Import hidden objects

Switch this option if on you want to import objects that are not visible in the imported file. By default they will remain invisible.

Make all objects visible

Switch this option on to make hidden objects visible once they have been imported.

Surface Quality

From the drop-down menu choose the required surface quality (or level of detail).

  • Extra Low
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Extra High

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