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New Project / Master Project / Symbol / Template

This form appears when creating new projects, master projects, symbols and templates.

New Project/Symbol/Template

It allows you to choose a template to be used as the basis of the new drawing. For example, this template might define layers, palettes, text styles, bridge styles, visibility options and so on, which you use for a particular type of work. It could also contain standard geometry (such as a parametric design).

The left-hand panel displays the template groups (as created via the Project Browser), and the right-hand panel shows the templates in that group. You can have as many pre-defined templates as you wish.

Click the button at the bottom left of the form to show/hide the Preview. The other buttons are used to show the templates as thumbnails rather than in a list.

If the Use Template documents option is switched on in the Database Installation > Documents options then either an Add Documents button (if the selected template has no associated documents) or a Show Documents button  (if it does have associated documents) will be displayed at the bottom right of the form.

To use a template, highlight the name and press Create. Alternatively, press No Template if you want to create a new drawing without using a template (that is based only on the information stored in the Master Template).

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