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Enter the string that you want to search for.


From the drop-down list choose the database column on which you want to search. This list will include all string, integer or memo data type columns from the DRAWINGS table and all LAYER tables. For example:-

You can choose to search on one or more columns by switching on the check-boxes as required.

Having chosen the required column(s) enter the value you want to search for and press the Find Now button.

Field must match exactly

Switch this option on if you want an exact match. In the example shown we are searching for the string "100" anywhere in the Code column.

Case sensitive search

Switch this option on if you want the case of characters to be significant. This option is only available if the database supports case-sensitive searches and the field being searched is case-sensitive.

Include Standards in the search

By default standards are included in your search. Switch this option off if you want to exclude standards.

Context menu

The Right mouse click brings up a menu with the following options:-

  • Open... - Open the selected project
  • Quick View - Display the selected item in full screen mode
  • Database... - Display the associated database values
  • Information - Display the project information. This is the same as the Information pane, but in a separate window
  • Export list - Export the displayed list of items to a .xml document using the Export from Browser form
  • Lock - Lock the selected items, preventing other users from changing them
  • Unlock - If the selected items are locked, unlock them, allowing other users access to them
  • Refresh - Refreshes the list of displayed items
  • Show screentips - Toggle the display of screentips (including a thumbnail preview) when hovering over an item in the search list. These can be configured here.
  • Options - Use this to configure the Browser Options

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