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Create Symbol Pattern

This form is called from the Block - Create Symbol Pattern tool.

Create Symbol Pattern

Pattern Name

Enter the unique name for the Symbol Pattern.


Click the button next to the name to open the Symbol Select form and then choose the required symbol.

Position By

From the pull-down list select Wood, Design or Stop to match the relative position of the origin point in the current block. Any symbol set to use the Stop option will be placed relative to a single special location point rather than one of top-left, bottom-right... points of some rectangle defined by the tool. For the rotary tool, this will be used to place symbols relative to the 'Stop', the middle of the rotary split line.

 Angle button

This button is only available if there is an active marquee in the drawing. Any symbol set to use this positioning option will be placed relative in the y direction to a percentage/fraction of the height of the 'Wood' (or 'Design'). Instead of 0%, 50%, 100%, we've used angular units of 0deg, 180deg, 360deg, as this option is intended for use with rotary dieboards. There, this option allows symbol patterns to be designed for mounting bolt hole (chase hole) locations on single cylinders/drums which are universal to all die-cutting heights (the number of degrees around the cylinder between each symbol remains constant, although the actual distance between the symbols changes).

Relative to current block origin

Select from the nine points the origin position in the current block.

Check boundary for interference

Checking this option will prevent any symbols that collide with any visible entities from be placed when the pattern is positioned.


This is the area extending from the symbol extents that is to be included in the collision area. Enter the required distance.


Specify a symbol to be positioned where an interference is encountered.

The settings created will be applied to all symbols within the pattern.

Click OK to create the pattern.

The pattern will then be added to the Master Tool Settings.

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