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Standard Wizard

This Wizard is opened when you press the Create button on the Standards Browser form. It enables you to go through, step by step, defining the required parameters to build a standard design.

The same wizard is also used by the Block - Insert Design Component tool. In this case the form's header will be Design Component Wizard.

Standard Wizard

Material Variable Settings

There are two ways to choose the required Material Variable. You can either choose one directly from the displayed list or choose an appropriate one using the Case Compression information.

Apply threshold rounding

This option is only displayed if you have the option enabled in the Options - Environment - Measurements and Units. It may be necessary to apply a different value for different materials.

Rounding threshold

Override the default value if required.

Create Standard in current project

This button is only visible if you run the New Standard tool from within an existing project. Switch the option on to create the standard in the current project; switch it off to create a new project for it.

Initialise from...

This button is also only visible if you run the tool from within an existing project. It will open the Initialise Standard form, where you can initialise the standard from the information contained in an existing layer of the current project. The selected values will be copied into the L, W, D variables of the standard.

Show advanced variables

Switch this option on if you want to include in the pulldown list variable groups that have been defined as advanced.


Press this button to open the Standard Variables form.

Pulldown list

The pulldown list above the material variables also contains a list of standard variable groups. You can select a variable group from here which allows you to edit the variables in that group.

Reset All

This button only becomes available once you've edited a material variable. Press the button to reset all changed values.



Use these two buttons to move between the pages of material variables, allowing you to change variable values as necessary.


This button becomes available once you have selected the material variable setting. Pressing the button will close the wizard and run the chosen standard.


Press this button to cancel the wizard.

Below is an example of a Standard Wizard page showing dimension values.

Standard Wizard - Dimensions

Value overridden, press <Ctrl+R> to reset

If you change the value of a variable that has been defined as an expression involving another variable, rather than simply a numerical value, it will be displayed using a background colour as defined in the Options - Environment - Standards - Options. You can reset it to its original value by pressing the appropriate key combination, which is also defined there.

Depending on the chosen standard, the following pages will vary, however the final page will be the Geometry Creation page as shown below.

Standard Wizard - Geometry Creation

Delete Parametric Dimensions

Assuming parametric dimensions have been added to the standard, you have the option to remove them here when the project is created.

Add Panel Dimensions

Switch this option on to automatically add the main horizontal and vertical panel dimensions to the finished project.

Add Overall Dimensions

Switch this option on to automatically add the horizontal and vertical overall dimensions of the project.

If you've chosen to add either of the above sets of dimensions, this next set of options becomes available. These allow you to control the location of those dimensions, and which dimension settings are used.


From the dropdown list choose Above, Centred or Below.


From the dropdown list choose Left, Middle or Right.


From the dropdown list choose the required Master Tool Settings.

After pressing Finish the standard will be created. However, you may first see the Standard Layer form. This form is only displayed if the option Let the user confirm the layers being created is switched on in the Environment Options - Standards - Options page.

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