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Use this section of the Visibility form to set the floor style and optional material for the current 3D layer.

3D Visibility - Floor


A floor can be added to the current 3D layer. Floors can give the impression of depth by providing an additional surface upon which shadows may be cast or reflections displayed.

  • None - check this option if no floor is required.

3D Scene - No Floor

  • Flat Floor - check this option to add a flat, square tile to the centre of the 3D scene.

3D Scene - Flat Floor

Size - specify the size of the floor tile.

  • Studio Wall - check this option to add a curved studio wall (aka 'Infinity Wall') to the centre of the 3D scene.

3D Scene - Studio Wall

Width - specify the width of the studio wall.

Height - specify the height of the studio wall.

Depth - specify the depth of the studio wall.


Both the (flat) Floor and the Studio Wall may be texture-mapped if required.  

Material - pick an existing material from the pull-down list or double-click the Custom Material thumbnail to create a custom material for the current 3D scene, via the Material Properties dialog box.

Texture Scale - you can create a tiled effect by increasing the Texture Scale value.

NOTE: Both the (flat) Floor and Studio Wall are transparent when viewed from below/behind.

3D Scene - Studio Wall - transparent when viewed from behind and/or below

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