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List View - Advanced Filtering

Advanced filtering is available if it has been enabled in the Browser Options. A filter button is available on each of the column headers. Press this button to display a sorted list of entries that exist in the chosen column. You can then filter by switching the required ones on or off. The example below shows what you might see for the Customer Code column.

NOTE: Advanced filtering is also available in the MTS History viewer.

Alternatively you can select (Custom...) from this list, which displays the Custom Filter form:

From the drop-down list choose the required comparison (such as equals, less than, greater than etc.) and enter a value to compare against.

The resulting List view might look something like this (you can see the filter button at the top of the Customer Code column):

From here you can cancel the filter, disable it, select a previously defined filter from a drop-down list or press the Customize... button to display the Filter builder:

This form allows you to build up more complex filters.


Press this button to open a previously saved filter condition.

Save As

Press this button to save this filter condition for future use.


Press this button to apply the filter and close the window.


Press this button to cancel the operation and close the window.


Press this button to apply the filter.

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