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Table Listview

The Table ListView control is used to create a specific type of DBW for displaying multiple records from the same table within a DBW. It is commonly referred to as a ListView DBW. The ListView DBW is only appropriate for directly editing tables within the database.

The Table ListView control cannot be mixed with other data-enabled DBW controls and must be the only visible control in a DBW.

The fields displayed for the Table ListView control are from the table configured in the DBW settings.

The ListView DBW shows all records from the table in a single view, allowing records to be added/modified using a separate DBW.

See also Common ListView Configuration.

The ListView DBW example below shows a single Table ListView control showing all fields from the MARKETS table.

The ListView DBW uses another DBW (Custom MARKETS) to perform the actual editing of individual records.



A ListView DBW in action, being used to display all Markets within a ListView as opposed to the old style DBW that scrolled through records displaying one at a time.


To achieve this you need to change the DBW Mapping to use the MARKETS List DBW as opposed to the Custom MARKETS DBW.

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