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Import Data Wizard

This wizard allows you to import data directly into your Impact database from another database or text file.

It transfers the data from a database on another connection or tab-delimited text file into your database. It is recommended you perform this operation without other users connected to the database.

Import Data Wizard - Source

Choose the location of the source data:

  • Import  data from another database - Press the edit button to select the required database using the Connection Selector form and then enter the Username and Password (if required) for the chosen database
  • Import data from a text file - Press the edit button  and choose the location and name of the text file

Use regional settings for numbers, dates and times

Switch this option on if the data is formatted using the regional settings on your machine.

Source DBS

You should switch this option on if you need to import the database description file containing the table descriptions for the imported tables.

Import Data Wizard - Tables

Database tables

Select the tables to import by switching on the corresponding check-boxes. If you are importing from a text file you will only be able to select a single table at a time.

Replace the tables on the destination

If the tables you are importing already exist in your current database, switch this option on if you want to replace the existing tables with the imported ones.

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