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Palette Database

This is an example of a Palette Database form.

Palette Database - General

If the Palette Database Window Description contains an Entered Name field then the Name field will be read-only. This is because the Name is generated automatically from the Entered Name.

There are a number of permitted substitution codes that can be used for the Entered Name, as follows:

%w - Rule Width
%h - Rule Height
%i - Bevel Side
%d - Bevel Distance
%a - AS400 No.
%n - Catalog No.
%x - Make ready channel with
%y - Make ready channel against
%z - Make ready channel depth
%s - Combo1 Length or Perf Width
%r - Combo2 Length
%l - Perf Gap
%<[COLUMN]> - PALETTE column
%<[COLUMN]>[0.4] - PALETTE distance column with format specifier

In the example above the %w is replaced by the palette width, %<[P_Z_WIDTH]>[0.1] is replaced by the Zipper Width and limited to 1 decimal place because of the [0.1] format specifier and %<[P_Z_ANGLE]> is replaced by the Zipper Angle using the default number of decimal places.


Palette Database - Manufacturing


Palette Database - Combination


Palette Database - Zipper


Palette Database - Bridges


Palette Database - Display


Palette Database - Miscellaneous

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