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Project / Template / Symbol Properties

This form appears when you right-click an item from the Project Browser - List View Pane and choose Properties.

For any type of drawing, you can view or change:


Enter a unique code.


Enter a reference (aka name) for your project, optionally unique, apart from in an Enterprise environment where it is essential it is relaxed.


Enter an optional description.

Project Properties

For projects, additionally:


You can reassign the project to a different customer by choosing the required one from the drop-down list.

Master Project

Switch this option on if this drawing is to be used as a Master Project

Hide this project from all users without an invitation

Switch this option on if you want to restrict access to this project.

Symbol Properties

For symbols, additionally:


This option allows the symbol to be scaled when it is inserted into a drawing.


Determines how the symbol is output during a plot. If this option is switched on the entity order within the symbol can be altered by the plot tool.


Determines how the symbol is output during a plot. If this option is switched on the symbol will be treated as a normal sub-block by the plot tool.

Auto update

The Symbols table can have an optional column called SYMBOLS.S_AUTOUP. If this column is present, then only symbols with it set to TRUE will auto update. They will still appear in the list of symbols that need updating when using the GUI version of the Utilities - Update Project Items tool, but will only be ticked if S_AUTOUP is TRUE

This option is disabled (and switched on) if the field is not present in the database.

Template Properties

For templates, additionally:


Switch this option on to indicate that the template contains a parametric design. The Utilities - Parametrics - Redimension tool is automatically started when you create a project from such a parametric template.

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