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Unresolved Items

This form is opened from the Master Tool Settings form when you try to import or verify some settings and those settings have some missing items referenced, such as another MTS, some Symbols or Templates. The form can also be opened from the MTS History form when you attempt to make some old settings current, and those old settings reference some missing items.

MTS Import - Unresolved items

The example above only shows missing Master Tool Settings, but the display is very similar for Symbols, Templates etc.

You can right-click on an entry to display a menu with the following options:

  • Use a different Setting / Symbol / Template - Choose an alternative from a list of valid entries either using the Alternative setting form or the Symbol selector form.
  • Clear - If, for example, the MTS references a missing MTS this option will make the MTS name blank
  • Delete reference - If, for example, the MTS contains a list of symbols where one is missing, this option will remove that symbol from the list
  • Select - All, None or Toggle - Use this option to select items in the list. The other operations will work on all selected items

Continue import

Press this button to continue the import, ignoring any unresolved items.

Modify selection

Press this button to return to the point where you can select different items to import.


Press this button to print a report of all the unresolved items.

Cancel import

Press this button to cancel the import process completely.

If the form has been opened from the Verify operation then the first two buttons on the page will be as follows:


Press this button to apply any changes that you have selected.

Smart Fix

Pressing this button will automatically clear or delete unresolved references where appropriate.

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