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VRML 2.0

3D Export Settings - VRML 2.0 Node


  • Export to Archive - if checked, all of the output will go into a zipped archive file.
  • Export Textures - if checked, textures will be saved in the same directory as the exported 3D object. If unchecked, textures will not be exported.
    • Embed Textures - if checked, textures will be embedded into the 3D object.
  • Use Cortona Extensions - if checked, animations played back via the Corona VRML Viewer will appear slightly smoother.
  • Compress exported file - if checked, file compression will be applied to the exported 3D object.


  • Animate individual objects as separate sequences - if checked, the animation sequence for each model of a multi-part animation can be played back separately.
    • Play child animations from parent objects - if checked, animations of child objects will be automatically triggered from parent objects.
    • Normalise animation sequences - if checked, this option will attempt to distribute animation keyframes evenly, so that during playback, animation events appear to be equally spaced over time.
  • Save entire animation as a single sequence - if checked, the animation sequences for multi-part animations will be played back as a single event.
    • Save camera animation - if checked, camera movements & rotations will be exported as part of the animation sequence.
  • Do not export animation sequences - if checked, animation sequences will not be exported.

User Interaction

  • Play entire animation when user clicks on objects - will play back the animation as soon as you click on the model.
    • Loop animations - if checked, the animation will play back from start to finish repeatedly.
    • Play once - if checked, the animation will play back once, from start to finish.
  • Play animations frame by frame as user drags objects - relies on click & drag to control the animation playback. You do not need to click & drag on any specific part of the model (eg a flap or a shelf) to facilitate playback.

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