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Board Settings

Board Settings must have a unique Name and an optional Description.

A Board Setting is a 3D Master Tool Setting which consists of materials representing the Outside/Print Face, Inside/Die Face, Delamination areas and Edges of a piece of board, for use within a 3D scene. The Board Setting will also provide an optional Thickness and a Fold Centre, which specifies whether the board will fold about the centre, or close to the top/bottom edge. Lastly, the Board Setting also provides an option for specifying whether Rule Definition effects (virtual board deformation to simulate the appearance of Crease, Perf, Score, Cut/Crease and Zipper entities) - will be applied to the Outside/Inside of the board (or not at all).

The individual materials which a Board Setting is comprised are often configured as Master Tool Settings within the Material Library folder, for re-use. The range of available Board Settings is displayed within the Board Settings pull-down list when the 3D Viewer tool is activated.

Example Folding Box Board Setting (Default Impact Carton - Silk Board)

Example Corrugated Board Setting (Default Impact Corrugated KK)

Example Rigid Paper Composite Board Setting (HEX-Cell White Silk (16mm)


The preview pane contains a real-time dynamic preview, with a range of controls located beneath the preview window itself. The preview pane also features a context menu offering the following tools - Display/View/Pan & Zoom/Zoom In Out/Zoom Box/Rotate View/Animate/Save Image & Print.


Specify a default thickness for the board setting.

NOTE: If a Material Master Tool Setting is assigned to the 2D source layer (by running a Standard or simply selecting a material from the Board Grade list within the database window), the material caliper assigned to that material will override the default board thickness specified by the Board Setting.

Fold Centre - allows you to specify where the board folds, in relation to the top/bottom edge. You can modify the Fold Centre by entering a value into the Fold Centre entry field (0% for top edge, 50% for centre folding and 100% for bottom-edge).

Preview - illustrates the effect of the Fold Centre value.

NOTE: You can also modify the Fold Centre by dragging the red centre-line within the Fold Centre preview.


Material - select a library material from the pull-down list or double-click the thumbnail image to create a new (non-library) material, which cannot be re-used.

Favourites - library materials can be designated 'Favourites' for quick access by clicking the Favourites button .

Rule Definition

None - rule definition effects will not be aplied at all.

Outside - rule definition effects will only be applied to the outside/print face of the board.

Inside - rule definition effects will only be applied to the inside/die face of the board.

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