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Dovetail MTS


Enter the unique MTS name.


Enter the description for this setting.

Wood size

Maximum width

Enter the maximum distance allowed between two adjacent vertical dovetail lines.

Maximum height

Enter the maximum distance allowed between two adjacent horizontal dovetail lines.

Minimum section

Enter the minimum size for an end section (see below). This value is used to restrict the point to which a dovetail line can be dragged.

Dovetail geometry


Enter the length of a single dovetail.


Enter the depth of each dovetail.


Enter the distance between successive dovetail sections.


Enter the radius of the fillet to be added at each dovetail corner.


Enter the angle of the side of the dovetail.


From the drop-down list choose the palette that will be used for the dovetail split lines.

Create dovetail sections in new layer

Select this option to create a new layer in which to place the new geometry.

Layer name

Select the required layer name.

Separate sections on creation

Check this option to create a gap between each section when the dieboard has been split. Otherwise the sections will remain in their original positions.

Place each section into a new block

Check this option if you want the geometry for each split section to be placed into a separate block.

Block name

Enter the root block name. Each one will be made unique by having a sequential number appended to the name.

Tool width

Enter the required width. The section profiles (i.e. the wood size and the split lines) will be offset by this amount so that the dimensions are correct after the dieboard has been manufactured.

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