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Palette Mapping

A table of palette mappings needs to be set up before either Importing or Exporting in Impact. This is to establish a relationship between Impact palettes and the corresponding attributes in the other file format.

An example of a palette mapping table is shown below.

Palette Mapping

Entries in the table are edited using the Add, Change and Delete buttons.


Press this button to add a new entry using the Palette Mapping form.


Press this button to change the details of the highlighted table entry using the Palette Mapping form.


Press this button to remove the highlighted table entry.

Use these buttons to alter the order of the table entries.

The table is processed sequentially, so if a palette is referenced more than once it will be the first occurrence that is matched. For example, the palette name Cut might be specifically entered in the table followed by an entry for palette type Cut. In this case the Cut palette would be matched with the first entry and all other Cut type palettes (such as Generic_cut_2pt or Generic_cut_3pt) would be matched with the second entry.

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