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Advanced Options

Intelligent Controller (PCC2000)

This option is only used when the driver is General Counter; this option must be set for the PCC2000 and left clear for all other controllers. It causes data to be generated in a format that is understood by the PCC2000 controller.

Output by Tools

The order of the tools in the Tool Settings list controls the output order, rather than the Post Processors - Palette Sequence. Most of the normal optimisation between breaks will be ignored.

This option is generally used for machines that have an extremely slow tool change mechanism, normally because they only have a single tool head. If selected, all the data for each tool is output together to minimise tool changes on the machine.

If the drawing is to be output with a block structure then the blocks will be created as usual in the Intermediate drawing. At output time these blocks will be split so that there is one for each tool.

Use ‘stop feed’ command

The Stop feed command, as defined in the tool settings, will be output before the last entity is output for each tool if this option is selected. This option is only available when Output by tools is selected.

Translate Included Parameters

This option controls whether included files are checked for substitution codes requiring translation.

For example, the Machine Initialisation – Start Main code could include the text #include “d:\\IncludeFiles\\Startup.txt”. The contents of this file would then be output at the start of the main output. If this option is selected then any Plotter Substitution Codes within the file will be substituted before being output. Otherwise they will be output exactly as they appear in the file.

Allow Tool Change Whilst Tool Is On

Selecting this option will enable the tool to continue to operate with different settings without lifting the tool head. For example, if you wanted to etch bridges on a laser output without the tool head lifting after each power output, full power and etch power, selecting this option will prevent the tool head from lifting.

Tool Change MCodes at Beginning of Line

Forces the tool change M-code to be output at the beginning of the line. This command is only available when using the Custom Driver.

Tool Change MCodes on Separate Lines

This forces the M-codes for each tool change onto a separate output line, as required by some devices. Deselecting this option will reduce the size of the output file, as the carriage return characters will not be output. Each tool has this option available in the Tool Settings form. This option will globally override the same setting for each tool, e.g. if not selected, any tools that have the option ticked will have the M-code output on the next line, any tool that does not have the option ticked will output the M-code at the end of the line (unless Tool Change Codes at Beginning of Lines is selected). If this option is selected, any individual tool settings will be disregarded and all tool change M-codes will be output on separate lines.

Force empty move after tool change

Some machines need x & y coordinates in order to activate a particular tool head (particularly milling machines) and this option enables these coordinates before outputting the next line of code.

Sort output string

Forces CNC code to ignore feedrate sorting. This is necessary for some lasers that use non-standard feedrate code.

In Position Logic

Some controllers allow you to use In position logic to correct for the slight rounding of sharp corners. Sometimes it is desirable to switch off this correcting, in order to optimise the speed of output. For most of these controllers, you can switch this option on or off at the beginning of a program. However, some controllers automatically default to using in position logic at each corner, unless told otherwise. The options below are only required for such machines:

Maximum Angle

For corners greater than this angle, the code in Output String is output; for corners less than this angle, the effect of in position logic is negligible.

Output String

This is the code for switching off In Position Logic, thus ensuring a square corner.

Tool radius compensation

Machine supports tool radius compensation

Some controllers will automatically offset the output geometry to take into account the radius of the tool. This feature is switched on here.

Radius compensation command on separate line

If this option is not selected the commands to switch this feature off or on will be output along with the geometric information.

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