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This page allows you to configure the parameters to create the milled paths to create an embossed or debossed area.


Automatic Delamination - determines if the delamination option will be applied.

Add - highlight an existing setting and click this button. The attributes of the highlighted setting will be copied.

Delete - will delete the highlighted setting.

Profile around external delamination areas - areas of delamination created outside the external matrix profile will have a profile offset in the palette specified by the Profile Chamfer.

Profile distance from delamination - distance from the delamination area to external profile.

Palette - from the pull down list select the palette that the delamination area will be created relative to. The pulldown lists palettes of Delamination type only.

Fill area tool set - from the pulldown list select the setting to calculate the milled areas. The settings are created in Fill Area master tool settings.

Include peripheral tools - if checked, the pocket will be profiled using the palette selected from the pulldown list.

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