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Report Toolbox

This toolbox can be opened via the Window > Standard Toolboxes menu or from the Utilities > Report Templates > Snapshot tool.

Report Toolbox

This toolbox allows you to interactively construct a report, usually from a number of 3D scenes.

Select a Report Template Setting (specifying the layout of the report) and a 3D Graphics Setting (specifying the quality and type of snapshot). Pick the required settings. (You can make a temporary override to either setting by clicking the edit button  next to each setting.)

The main tool box area displays a copy of the template specified within the Report Template Setting.

Use the Snapshot button to place the current view within the selected Report area. If the current layer is a 3D layer, the image will be generated in accordance with the current 3D Graphics Setting.

Should the selected Report Template Setting contain multiple Report Drawing Areas, the next area will be selected, ready for the next snapshot. You can modify the view (by manipulating designs, models, lights, textures, materials or backgrounds) and take another snapshot.

You can clear any of the Report Drawing Areas at any time before output by clicking the Edit button, displaying the Edit Report Drawing Area form.

You can display a full-screen view of the Report by clicking the Full Screen button; left-mouse clicking within the Report will then re-set the view. You can update any calculated text entities within the border plot by clicking the Update Text button. This could cause the above screen to change as follows:-

Report Toolbox - with text

Once you are satisfied with the appearance of the Report, click the Output button to generate the actual Report. This can be printed, plotted or saved as required.

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