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3D Snapshot Toolbox

3D Snapshot Toolbox


From the pulldown list choose the required Master tool Settings that will be used to create the 3D snapshot. These settings will also be used if you start the 3D Snapshot tool.

You can use the edit button to override the settings. If you do this then the settings name will show as <User Settings> to indicate that an override has been applied.

File Path

You can either enter an output path manually, or use the edit button  to open an Explorer Window, from where a folder can be selected.

File Name

Enter the required output filename. This can include the normal substitution codes, such as %<ProjectName>, %<LayerName> etc.

File Type

Choose from the pulldown list of available file types.

Add Suffix

If this option is switched on and your chosen output filename already exists, then a unique filename will be created by appending a numeric value to it. Otherwise the existing file will be overwritten.

NOTE: It is worth mentioning that, even after closing the toolbox, all of the above values will be remembered for future uses of the 3D Snapshot tool, including after switching projects.


When you are happy with the settings, press this button to create the 3D snapshot.

Snapshot and Open

Similarly, press this button to create a 3D snapshot but then immediately open and display the created file, assuming a suitable application is installed.

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