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External Tables

Database Installation - External Tables

You can configure Impact to use an external Customer table instead of the built-in one. You may wish to do this if you already have an application (say a Management Information System) with its own custom database and you do not wish to duplicate the data. However, there are certain requirements to be met. It must have a unique integer index, a unique string name and you must have ODBC drivers for the database.

Normally this option would be used on the initial configuration of an Impact database. It would be difficult to configure an external Customer table once customer information has already been created in the Impact Customer table.

Use external Customer database table

Switch this option on to use this feature.


Choose the ODBC source name


Enter the Table name (equivalent to CUSTOMER),

Select SQL

Enter some code to allow customers who are not active to be excluded.

Key field

Enter the Key Field name (a unique integer, equivalent to CS_KEY).

Code Field

Optionally enter a Code field name (a unique string, equivalent to CS_CODE).

Name Field

Enter the Name field (again, a unique string, equivalent to CS_NAME). 

Active Field

Optionally enter an Active field name (such as CS_ACTIVE) where the customer can be defined as either active or inactive.


Use this button to check the entered database information, showing the customer names in the drop-down list.

Use palette database for storing manufacturing palettes

Switch this option if required.

Cache database palettes on workstation

Switch this option on to improve performance when accessing the palette database.

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