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Case Compression

Standards - Case Compression

Case compression uses the McKee formula to calculate the most suitable board grades in which to run a standard FEFCO design. Alternatively, the tool can be run after creating a design to calculate the maximum allowable load that can be carried in each case.

Case Compression Units

Material Units

From the drop-down list choose the required units:

  • Metric (ECT/STFI: kN/m, Mullen: kPa, Basis Weights: g/sqm)
  • Imperial (ECT/STFI: lbf/in, Mullen: psi, Basis Weights: #/msf)

Enable Case Compression in Standards Wizard

Switch this option on to make the Select by Case Compression button visible on the Standard Wizard form. This allows you to select a suitable material by entering values for use in the compression formula.

Suitable Materials

Here you can specify up to three ranges and associated colours to be used when displaying suitable materials on the Case Compression form.

Safety Factor

Configure Safety Factor

Press this button to set up the safety factor options.

Case Compression Tool

When running the case compression tool for a layer that doesn't contain geometry created by a standard you can specify where to extract the case dimensions from. You can specify more than one database field for each value by qualifying them with a table name and separating by commas.

Extract from

From the drop-down list select where to extract the dimensions from:

  • <None>
  • Use variables (L, W, D)
  • Use specified database fields

then from

If the first extract location doesn't provide any values, then the second option should be used. Again, select from the drop-down list with the same options.


Enter the database fields from which to extract the length.


Enter the database fields from which to extract the width.


Enter the database fields from which to extract the depth.

Case Compression Formula

Select the required method:

  • Use default McKee and Advanced Corrugated formula
  • Use custom formula - Press the Configure custom formula button
  • Use automation - Press the File selection button  to choose a Plugin that contains the required formula

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