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Impact Workstation Licence

Licence ID

The current licence ID is displayed here.

View Licence Details

Press this button to open the Help > About Impact form, showing the complete Licence details.

Product Name

The product name associated with this licence is displayed here.


The customer name associated with this licence is displayed here.

Deactivate Licence

Press this button to deactivate the current licence on this machine.

Advanced Activation Options

You can configure the advanced options such as proxy server and logging in this section.

Activation Host

This is the web address Impact will attempt contact the Nalpeiron licence service on to activate, deactivate or extend the licence lease.  Note, the specific use of the HTTPS protocol, which requires that TCP port 443 is open between the Impact client and Nalpeiron web address specified.

This value is none configurable and is set to ''

Test Connection Timeout (Registry key: LicenceConnectionTimeoutSecs)

By default, Impact will always attempt to contact the activation host to extend the licence lease for perpetual licences.

To avoid unnecessarily delaying Impact's startup when the activation host is unavailable or unresponsive, this value (in seconds) can be used to control how long Impact will wait for the activation host server to respond before a timeout occurs. If a timeout occurs, Impact will continue to start up if it already has a valid licence.

The default value is 10 seconds, but the value can be configured between 0-600 seconds. A value of 0 will use Nalpeiron's default value, typically 30 seconds.


NOTE: Changing these activations options requires a restart of Impact for them to take effect.

Proxy Server Address (Registry key: LicenceProxyAddress)

Specify an alternate proxy server address to be used to communicate with the Nalpeiron activation host, where required.

Port (Registry key: LicenceProxyPortNumber)

Specify the proxy server port to be used to communicate with the Nalpeiron activation host, where required.

Username (Registry key: LicenceProxyUserName)

Specify a proxy server username, where required.

Password (Registry key: LicenceProxyPassword)

Specify a proxy server password, where required.

Log Level (Registry key: LicenceLogLevel)

You may be asked to enable and generate a licence log by your support representative if you are having difficulties with Nalpeiron licence activation.

Available values include:

  • None (default value) (LicenceLogLevel = 0)
  • Errors only (LicenceLogLevel = 1)
  • Errors and warnings (LicenceLogLevel = 2)
  • Errors, warnings and info (LicenceLogLevel = 3)
  • Errors, warnings, info and debug (LicenceLogLevel = 4)

The log level should be returned to None, when not required to avoid unnecessary and unrestricted log file growth.


This is the Nalpeiron licence log location for any logging output generated where the log level is specified as anything other than None.

This location value is none configurable and is set to 'C:\ProgramData\Arden Software Ltd\Impact'

The log file itself to look for is '206aa16f79294eae8f.log'.

Use Licence Server  (Registry key: UseLicenceServer)

It is also possible to configure the use of Licence Server from this page. Licence Server is an alternative to a Nalpeiron workstation-locked licence and provides a flexible floating network licensing mechanism for sharing licences and modules between two or more Impact workstations on the same local network.

Location (Registry key: LicenceServerAddress)

The location of the licence server host. Specify an IP or server name. Multiple servers addresses should be separated with semicolons; the servers will be contacted in the order specified.

TCP/IP Port (Registry key: LicenceServerPort)

The TCP port to use to connect to the Licence Server specified. The default value is 3000.

Auto-allocate if licences available (Registry key: LicenceServerAutoAllocate)

Impact can auto-allocate a licence during database connection to prevent the user being prompted. The type of Licence Server to allocate to each workstation or user automatically should be configured with Licence Server Administrator itself.

Enable debug logging to 'licence.log' (Registry key: LicenceServerLog)

Where enabled, a 'licence.log' file will be generated in the following location: C:\Users\mhewitt\AppData\Roaming\Arden Software Ltd\Impact\XX (where xx = Impact major version number, e.g. 12)

Never check for an activated workstation licence (restart required)

This option can be used to avoid any delays in the normal start-up procedure where Impact may not be able to contact the Nalpeiron licence server.

You must restart for this option to take effect (Impact remembers the option from start-up). Once enabled this prevents ANY access to the Nalpeiron workstation licence, including the ability to view, activate or deactivate any existing licence.

If you go back into the Licensing options after enabling this option, then this is explained with the following message:

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