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Palette Attributes - Display

Palette Attributes - Display

Screen Display


This is the pattern used to display entities drawn in this palette. Select from a drop-down list of predefined patterns. You can add your own custom patterns via the Line Style Settings Master Tool Settings.


This is the colour used to display entities drawn in this palette. Click on the displayed colour to open the standard colour selection form, from where you can either choose a predefined colour or define your own.

Printing Display

Increase line weight by

Enter the percentage increase to apply when printing entities drawn in this palette.

Use alternative pattern and colour

Switch this option on to select a different Pattern and Colour for printing.

Display Palette Information

Switch this option on to display text for all entities which use this particular palette.


Enter the text to be displayed in this field.

Text Style

From the drop-down list choose the text style to use. Text styles are created in Design Options.

Use alternative palette when outputting palette text

By default, palette text will be output to a plotter (or other machine) using the same palette as the entity, but this isn't always what you want. For example, if you're drawing with a manufacturing type palette, such as Cut/Crease, it's more likely that you'll want to use a palette suitable for text. Switch this option on if you want to use an alternative palette.

To output the palette text you also need to switch on the Output palette text option in your Post-processor attributes.

Output palette

From the pulldown list choose the required alternative palette.

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