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This is the main mechanism for managing your projects, symbols and templates. It is used by standard users to open and release their projects. It is also used by administrators to control the organisation of these items and to control how users can access them. For a brief summary of these operations, see File - Open - Browser.

Browser Components

The Browser window is split into four “panes”:

Additionally it has a Toolbar area at the top, with three toolbars: Standard, Folders and Advanced.

If you Right-click within this area, you'll see this context menu:-

This allows you to toggle the display of the three toolbars, and also to lock their positions.

A Find area can be displayed, allowing database searches.

Guidelines for some of the more frequent uses of the Project Browser are given in Project Browser - Common Operations. More advanced uses are described in Project Browser - Advanced Operations.

The operation of the Project Browser is affected by your database settings - see Impact Options - Database Installation and Impact Options - Database Operation.

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