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Save As Options

This form is accessed via the Dialogs section of Impact Options - Database Operation. It controls the appearance of the Save As form which appears the first time you save a project, template or symbol.

Save As Options - Fields

You can choose which of the standard fields appear for each of Projects, Symbols and Templates, including Code, Reference and Description.

Save As Options - Options

Enable in-place renaming of folders

Allow the user (assuming they have the required privileges) to rename folders from within the Save As form.

Immediately close after template Save As

Cause the template to automatically close the first time it is saved.

Immediately close after symbol Save As

Cause the symbol to automatically close the first time it is saved.

Save As Options - Database Windows

You can set up Database Window settings to allow the user to enter data in other custom fields. Note, however, that the settings cannot contain fields which are already contained on the Fields page. Any Database Windows setting which you choose should refer to the DRAWINGS or SYMBOLS table, otherwise it is ignored.

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