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User Properties

This form is displayed by File - User Properties enabling you to configure the properties of your user account, or from Database Administration when the system administrator configures or creates user accounts. 

User Properties - General

For a new user, enter these General settings:

User ID

Enter the unique login name, which must not contain spaces nor punctuation.

User Name

Enter a free-form user description (up to 50 characters).

User Type

Choose either CAD User or nServer User.


Enter the login password. (There is an option Allow Empty User Password in Impact Options - Database Installation - Options).


Enter the user's email address.


If the database operates over multiple sites then choose the required site for this user from the drop-down list. (This option is only available from Database Administration).

User Group

See Master Tool Settings - User Groups. (This option is only available from Database Administration).

Disable Connection

Use this option to prevent the user logging in. (This option is only available from Database Administration).

Note that you cannot change the User Id of an existing user. Nor can you delete a user (because project creation/modification and update records will be stored in the database for this user). Use  Disable Connection instead.

An existing user may change their Password if they have been granted the user privilege. 

User Properties - Messages

Show Messages

Press this button to display any unread messages for the user, via the User Messages form. (The button is greyed out if there are no messages.)

Send Message

Press this button to open the Send User Message form, allowing you to send a message to other users.

User Properties - Connection

This page displays information about your current connection including time of connection and version of Impact.

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