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Automatic Nick Settings

The Automatic Nick Settings form can be opened from Master Tool Settings or from the Automatic Nicks tool.


Enter the unique MTS name.


Enter a description for these settings.


Nicks on bridges

This option defines what action to take when a calculated nick position coincides with an existing bridge position.

Choose the required radio button:

  • Remove nick
  • Move nick - Enter the Distance to move nick
  • Place symbol - Choose the required Symbol using the Symbol Select form

Automatic nick settings - General

The settings for Grip edge, Horizontal internal, Horizontal back edge, Vertical internal, Vertical sides, Strip knives and Balance knives are all in the same format. The example given here shows the page for Grip edge. The others are the same.

The table shows a list of entries each with a maximum entity length, a nick symbol name and grouping parameters. These pages describe which nick symbols should be used for different entities.

Minimum length

Enter the minimum length of knife to be considered for nicking.


Press this button to add a new Nick symbol configuration to the table. This opens the Nick Symbol form.


Press this button to change the configuration of the highlighted entry using the Nick Symbol form.


Press this button to remove the highlighted entry from the table.

Use the arrow buttons to alter the order of the items in the table.

Automatic nick settings - Grip edge

The internal waste settings can also be configured:

Nick symbol

Specify the nick symbol to be used on internal waste using the Symbol Select form.

Automatic nick settings - Internal waste

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