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Nick Symbol

The Nicking symbol form is opened from the Automatic Nick Settings form and is used to add or modify a table entry, for use with the Automatic Nicking tool.

Maximum length

Specify the maximum knife length that this symbol pattern should be applied to.

Nick symbol

Use the edit button  to choose the required symbol from the Symbol Select form.

Number of groups

Specify the number of groups of symbols to be placed on knives of this length.

Distance from end

Specify the minimum distance from each end of the knife that the symbol groups should be.  If there is only one group this group will be placed at the centre of the knife and this option will be unavailable.

Number per group

Specify the number of symbols to be placed in each group.

Group spacing

Specify the distance between each symbol in the group.  If there is only one symbol in the group then this option will be unavailable.

There is a dynamic preview which shows what the symbols will appear like when they are placed.

Nicking Symbol

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