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On this settings page you can configure automation auto-tasks. In addition, there are sub-pages for Miscellaneous settings, Persisted Globals, configuring automation Tools and configuring the VBScript environment.

Please also see Overview of Automation.  


The main Automation page shows a list of all the tasks to which you can assign a script or plug-in library.

Database Installation - Automation

Change - Press this button to open the Select Auto Task Script form, where you can specify the script or plugin library for the highlighted entry.

Delete - Press this button to remove the assignment from the highlighted entry.

In the above example some VBScript code will executed After Opening a Project, After running the Layout Creator Tool, Before performing an Update and so on, and a defined script file will be executed before starting the Plot Tool.

Here is a list of all tools and events which can have an associated auto-task:

  • Active Drawing Change (After)
  • Active Drawing Change (Before)
  • Active Layer Change (After)
  • Active Layer Change (Before)
  • Add Dieboard (After)
  • Add Dieboard (Before)
  • Automatic Rubber (After)
  • Automatic Rubber (Before)
  • Blanker Creator (After)
  • Blanker Creator (Before)
  • Close (After)
  • Close (Before)
  • Confirm Save As New Project (Before)
  • Confirm Save As Project (After)
  • Confirm Save As Project (Before)
  • Connect (After)
  • Dieboard Add Dovetail (After)
  • Dieboard Add Dovetail (Before)
  • Dieboard Automatic Nicks (After)
  • Dieboard Automatic Nicks (Before)
  • Dieboard Nicks (After)
  • Dieboard Nicks (Before)
  • Dieboard Rotary Scrap (After)
  • Dieboard Rotary Scrap (Before)
  • Dieboard Sections (After)
  • Dieboard Sections (Before)
  • Dieboard Stripping Knives (After)
  • Dieboard Stripping Knives (Before)
  • Diemaking Tool (After)
  • Diemaking Tool (Before)
  • Disconnect (Before)
  • Edit Layer Properties (After)
  • Export Project (Before)
  • Flatbed Add Dieboard (After)
  • Flatbed Add Dieboard (Before)
  • Import 1.3 Project (After)
  • Import IPDS v4 Design (After)
  • Import IPDS v4 Layer (After)
  • Import Laserline Project (After)
  • Import Laserline Project (Before)
  • Import Project (After)
  • Layout Add Sheet Size And Symbol (After)
  • Layout Creator (After)
  • Layout Creator (Before)
  • LDAP User Created (After)
  • LDAP User Updated (After)
  • Matrix Creator (After)
  • Matrix Creator (Before)
  • New Layer (After)
  • New Project (After)
  • New Symbol (After)
  • New Template (After)
  • Open 1.3 Project (After)
  • Open Copy of Project (After)
  • Open Copy of Project from Enterprise (After)
  • Open Copy of Project from Import (After)
  • Open Copy of Project from Remote 1.3 Database (After)
  • Open Copy of Project from Remote Database (After)
  • Open Project (After)
  • Open Symbol (After)
  • Open Template (After)
  • Plot (After)
  • Plot (Before)
  • Plot (Intermediate)
  • Report (After)
  • Report (Before)
  • Report (Intermediate)
  • Revert (After)
  • Revert (Before)
  • Rotary Add Dieboard (After)
  • Rotary Add Dieboard (Before)
  • Rotary Bridge (After)
  • Rotary Bridge (Before)
  • Rotary Split (After)
  • Rotary Split (Before)
  • Run Design Component (After)
  • Run Standard (After)
  • Run Standard (Before)
  • Save Project (After)
  • Save Project (Before)
  • Save Symbol (Before)
  • Save Template (Before)
  • Stripper Creator (After)
  • Stripper Creator (Before)
  • Update (After)
  • Update (Before)

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