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Opening Projects

Database Operation - Opening Projects

When a drawing (project, symbol or template) is opened, it can be automatically checked for out of date items. These can be automatically updated without confirmation, or you can choose which items to update or to leave unchanged (via the Project Updates form).

Check all symbols are up to date

The symbols within the drawing are compared to those in the symbols table. If the symbol version numbers are different, then you can update the drawing.

Check Master Drawing layers are up to date

Any master drawing layers within the drawing are compared with the original master drawings. If the layer version numbers are different, then you can update the drawing.

Display missing fonts

If the drawing uses fonts which are not installed on your system, a substitute fonts will be used.

Check custom line styles are up to date

If custom dot-dash patterns have been used, the definitions are updated from the Master Tool Settings (see Line Style Settings).

Check palettes from database are up to date

If you use a palette database, the Palette Attributes are updated from the table.

Check graphic documents are up to date.

Any graphic entities within the drawing will be checked to ensure that embedded documents are up to date.

Automatically update all out of date items

Switching this option on causes the confirmation window to be suppressed, and the update will take place automatically.

Automatically update all text items

Text entities containing special text items (database fields, macros and so on) are recalculated.

Automatically update Grain / Flute and Machine directions

Updates special symbols according to your Symbols settings.

Activate the following visibility setting

You can automatically apply a Saved Visibility Master Tool Setting by selecting it from the drop-down list.

Customer matching

From the drop-down list choose Match by Code, Name; Match by Name, Code or Match by Name only.

This option defines how to match customers when opening projects from external sources in the Project browser. Initially Impact tries to match the customer using the formatted display text. If this fails to identify a match then Impact uses the rule specified here.

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