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Saving Projects

Database Operation - Saving Projects

Saving Projects

Save Projects to the following folder by default

By setting a default folder, the Save As form will select this folder by default. If you don't select a default folder the Save As form will select the folder each user last saved a project into.


Press the edit button  to choose the default folder.

Auto-save the current project

Specify the location from the following:

  • locally as a temporary file (for recovery)
  • directly in the database

Specify the interval between automatic saves.

Only save those projects which have already been saved

If this option is switched on any project which has never been saved is not auto-saved. (This is to prevent the Save As form popping up when you are not expecting it.)

TIP: Auto-saving allows you to regularly save changes to open projects automatically in case the program stops responding or there is a power failure. However there are disadvantages to doing this; notably it may save changes which you later decide you would rather discard, and the Save operation clears your Undo history (see Edit - Undo, but also see Allow Undo after saving) which can be annoying. It is usually better to disable the auto-save option and remember to manually save regularly, when it is convenient to you.

Purge unused blocks and symbols before saving

Purging references to blocks and symbols which are no longer used will decrease the drawing size. (You can do this manually using Block - Purge.)

Allow Undo after saving

Switch this option on to prevent the Undo History from being deleted when a project is saved.

Updating Projects

Automatically update all projects containing Master Layers

Switch this option on so that when updating a Master Project all projects in the database containing any Master Layers will be automatically updated to reflect the changes.

N.B. This option is ignored when using an Enterprise or Site database.

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