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Stripper Creator Tool

  This tool allows you to create the geometry for the male and/or female stripping unit, as well as the upper and lower front edge units, optionally.

Before activating the tool make the die layout the current layer. Once the tool is activated, the Stripper Creator window is displayed.

The cut type extents are used to calculate the wood size and symbol positioning. The grip of the drawing layer (die layer) must be at the bottom.


The Stripper Creator is a special tool which allows you to exit and continue at a later time. You are also able to edit existing stripping areas/regions which were created with the tool in a previous session.

If Impact detects that information about a previous Stripper Creator session exists, it will display the following confirmation before the Stripper Creator window is displayed:

The current layer contains information from a previous session, which will enable you to resume using this tool from where you left off. However, resuming may cause you to lose any changes made directly to the stripping geometry using other tools since this information was created. Do you wish to start afresh instead?

Answering Yes, Restart editing, means that you will not be allowed to edit any previous stripping areas/region. Answering No, Continue editing, means that you will be allowed to edit any previous stripping areas/regions, but any that have been edited by hand outside the Stripper Creator will have their changes discarded and will be put back to how they were before you last exited the tool.

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