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Formatted Strings

Formatted Database String

Formatted strings are used for Customer Names, Addresses and Layers as defined in the Environment Options > Database Operation > Display options. Choose the Advanced Format from the drop-down list to access these settings.


Enter a unique name for this setting.


Enter an optional description.


From the dropdown list choose CUSTOMER, ADDRESS or any of the layer type tables (such as LAYERS, ONE_UP, MULTI_UP etc.) Each setting can only consist of entries from a single database, so once an entry has been made this list will be disabled. However, for the extra layer tables you can also use columns from the LAYERS table, so you can mix columns from either the extra layer table or the LAYERS table.


An example of the formatted output will be built up and displayed here.


A list of the configured parts is displayed here.


Press this button to add a new formatted part. This will open the Part Type selection form.


Press this button to change the currently selected part. Depending on the part type, this will open either the Fixed Characters form or the Database Column form.


Press this button to delete the currently selected part.

Use these buttons to change the order of the configured parts.

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