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Post Processors - Rotary

These settings are specific to rotary dies. These settings are only available if the machine options settings specify that the device is rotary. They are used to convert X,Y coordinates to X,A format.


Inside diameter

Enter the diameter of the shell.

Knife height

Enter the height of the rule above the wood, including the cutting depth.

Cutting depth

Enter the height of rule which actually cuts the board.

Wood thickness

Enter the shell thickness.

Calculated from

From the pulldown list choose the method to calculate the result, one of:

  • Bosch radius
  • Scale factor
  • Marba method
  • User defined
  • From Rotary Dieboard tool

There is currently no difference between Bosch radius, Scale factor and Marba method. The result and coefficient values are calculated from rest of the rotary values.

If User defined is chosen, then the result and coefficient values should be entered by the user.

Otherwise the result value is taken from the Layer Database.


This is the effective radius of the rotary die. It can only be edited if the User Defined method is selected in the Calculated From option.

If the From Rotary Dieboard method has been selected, then the value will have been calculated in the Rotary Dieboard Tool and saved in the Layer Database. This is the value that will be used here.


The intermediate value is used to calculate the result - you cannot change this value.

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