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General Export

This section refers to settings that apply regardless of the data format.

General Export


From the pulldown list choose one of the following:-

  • Export All Layers
  • Export Current Layer
  • Export Named Layers

Layers To Export

If Export Named Layers was chosen above, then enter a list of layer names to export, separated by semi-colons. Wildcards can be used to specify layer names.

Explode layer inserts to block inserts

When exporting in Impact format this option will cause layer inserts (and their corresponding layers) to be converted to block inserts (and blocks).

Export multiple layers to a single file if supported (non Impact formats only)

Switch this option on if you are exporting more than one layer and you want all the output to go into a single file. This option is presently only available for Adobe PDF format export.

Prompt for layers to export

This option is available when exporting more than one layer. If the option is switched on then you will be presented with a list of layers that could be potentially exported. You can then choose which ones to export.

Filename / pathname


Enter the required filename for the export data.

The filename can contain the following substitution codes, which will be substituted at export time accordingly:-

%<ProjectName>The current project name
%<LayerName>The name of the layer being exported
%<CustomerCode>The customer code assigned to the current project
%<CustomerName>The customer name assigned to the current project
%<ProjectCode>The current project code from the project database
%<RevisionNumber>The database revision number
%<Date>The current date
%<Time>The current time
%<[TABLE.COLUMN]>The data from the specified database table and column

If the filename is left blank then you will be forced to enter a filename at export time.

Maximum length

Specify the maximum number of characters allowed in the export filename. If the filename is too long then Impact will remove characters from the centre of the name to bring it down to a valid size.

Export to file

Switch this option on if an output file is to be created.

If this is the case, then specify the path where the file should be created and also whether or not you should be prompted to confirm the filename at export time.

Export to email

Switch this option on if the export data should be automatically sent as an email. The filename specified above will be used as the attachment file.

If an email is to be sent then the rest of the email details can be entered here as follows:-

To:Enter an email address
CC:Enter an email address
Subject:Enter the subject
Text:Enter the required email message


You can leave both the To and CC fields empty if you like, but then you will be forced to enter an email address when doing the export.

Try to send the message without prompting

Normally Impact will display the email message before sending it, but if the above option is switched on then Impact will attempt to send the email without any user intervention. There is also the Environment – General ToolsShow email in dialog before sending option which will have the same effect.

WARNING: Impact is a 32-bit application, and is not compatible with 64-bit Microsoft Outlook. If you intend to use this feature you will need to ensure that you have 32-bit Outlook installed.

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