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End Conditions

This form is opened when you press the Change button on the Rule Preparation Output form. It is used to edit the end conditions.

End Conditions

Start and End Condition


From the drop-down list select one of the following:

  • None
  • Reduce
  • Extend


Enter the reduction or extension value.


Enter the adjustment to be applied to the offset.

Rule onto height

Enter the height of the adjacent rule. Select one of the radio buttons:



Enter the size of any deduction.

Block Name

Enter the block name to be used in the output.

Block String

This is the string that is appended to the data output string. It helps to identify the particular rule preparation block. The following parameters can be included within the string:-

  • %<b>    The rule preparation block name
  • %<d>    The current date
  • %<i>     The current time
  • %<f>     The project name
  • %<l>      The current layer name
  • %<p>    The rule preparation block's palette name

Bend Table

From the drop-down list select the required bend table.


Enter the required number of this block to be output.

Reset to Die

Press this button to reset the output number to the number of occurrences of this block in the drawing.

Real Length

The length of the geometry in the rule preparation block is displayed here.

Output Length

The length displayed here takes into account any reduction or extension specified in the end conditions. This value is only updated when the Compute button is pressed.


Press this button to calculate the output string that will be generated for this block. It is then displayed in the Output String field.

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