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To log in to Impact, you must supply a valid user ID and password. If you do not know this information, you should contact your system administrator.


This form allows you to enter the following information:

Database - The drop-down list shows the Impact databases which have been configured on your system. (Normally this list only contains one item - your production database. However, it is possible your administrator has created alternative databases for you to use.)

User ID - This is the name by which you log on. It is not usually the same as your Windows or network passwords. The name cannot contain spaces or punctuation.

Password - Enter the password for the User ID you have entered. Without the correct password, you will not be allowed to access the database.

Save Password - If you choose this option, Impact will not ask you for a user ID/password the next time it starts up. For security reasons, it is not recommended that you use this option if you're on a shared workstation. Your system administrator may have disallowed this option (see Impact Options - Workstation Options).

The Options button allows you to configure one or more connections to Impact databases. It is strongly recommended that you do not modify this information, as you might destroy your database configuration (in fact, your administrator may have hidden this button). See Database Connections in Impact Options - Workstation Options.

Click Connect to enter Impact or Exit to quit. If connecting fails, it is likely that you have mistyped your user ID or password, or that your connection to the network drive containing the database has failed. In these circumstances, please contact the person in your company who is responsible for administrating your Impact system.

A warning will be generated if your version of Impact does not match that of the database. If you are uncertain of the reason for this, contact your system administrator. Note for administrators: when you upgrade, connecting as ADMIN will update the version number of the database to match the new version of Impact.

There is an information bar at the bottom of this form with the following information:

  • Impact version number
  • Help - this gives a link to the Impact online help system
  • About Impact - this gives a link to the Help > About information

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