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Database Options

When you are configuring a new database, you can select the type of database:

  • Standalone Database - a traditional database where all the users in your organisation connect to the same database. 
  • Primary Enterprise Database - the central database in an Enterprise system, where projects and settings are synchronised across several databases in your organisation. 
  • Site or Hub Database - a satellite database in an Enterprise system, which is synchronised to the central database. 

WARNING: Unless you have Impact licences which allow the Enterprise software to be used, you should choose Standalone Database. Also, you should not change this setting while the Enterprise software is running.

If you choose either Primary Enterprise or Site/Hub Database then you should also configure the Enterprise Services page.

In an Enterprise environment, on the primary database you should also enable the option Automatically export configuration to ipds_ddb.xml., as the Enterprise services rely on the XML representation of the database settings.

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